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November • December; Volume 23, Number 6

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A residue-free locating agent is used to hold the solder balls on wafers. A production-scale reflow furnace containing a hydrogen activation function is used to reflow wafers in a non-flammable gas mixture of hydrogen in nitrogen. 100% ball attachment with good solder wetting and strong solder bonding is achieved. This technology eliminates residues and cleaning, thereby facilitating the industrial trend toward device miniaturization.


Photo courtesy of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

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White Paper: System-level, post-layout electrical analysis for high-density advanced packaging
As HDAP designs become more popular, the need for post-layout simulation (analog) and post-layout STA (digital) flows to augment basic physical verification (DRC and LVS) is growing. Mentor provides an accurate, automated flow that generates the required HDAP netlist for simulation/STA to enable HDAP designers to ensure that the HDAP will perform as designed.
Mentor, a Siemens Business

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