The International Magazine for Device and Wafer-Level Test, Assembly, and Packaging Addressing High-density Interconnection of Microelectronic IC's including 3D packages, MEMS, MOEMS, RF/Wireless, Optoelectronic and Other Wafer-fabricated Devices for the 21st Century

September - October 2013
Chip Scale Review is produced for a worldwide audience of engineers, specialists, researchers and end-users of chip-scale and wafer-level back-end electronics manufacturing in print and digital editions. Chip Scale Review covers the chip-scale, flip-chip and wafer-level packaging market with a thoroughness unmatched by any other magazine.
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CSR Advertisers Stock Index
MMM3M Company164.020.00
AMKRAmkor Technology6.760.00
AMATApplied Materials24.110.00
EMNEastman Chemical69.140.00
HONHoneywell Intl.102.500.00
NEWPNewport Corp.19.070.00
NDSNNordson Corp.72.500.00
RTECRudolph Tech10.520.00
STSensata Tech50.310.00
SMGZYSmiths Group PLC16.71-2.57

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